ychs bus 5.21.76


We can not forget for we are changed.

We have met the irreducible reality of death,

While yet young, impressionable and engaged.

We lost innocence, lost dreams, lost youth; forever




Friends now are dearer,

Family is dearer,

Life is dearer.

Time matters more,


For we are changed.


Why have I never written about this until now?

Now 41 years, three months and seven day’s after they died,

Twenty nine of them died; friends,family,lovers, gone.

We lived to remember;




They sang songs of praise and adoration, prayed and died before their time?

We remain to remember, to live a fuller and more aware life,

They left this husk of death for true life,

Leaving us behind with lessons.

They left us with a life forever,




In memorial of the Yuba City High School Concert Choir bus accident
May 21’st 1976 see more here.






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