Son of Pumpkin Butt

ychs english

Son of Pumpkin Butt


You laugh?

She raised a single eyebrow,


She overweight- still inspiring


The superior English instructor,

my mother. 

“Your reach should exceed your grasp or what’s a heaven for.”

Quoted she, quoting Browning the dead Englishmen of old.


We have forgotten the greats, focusing rather on our selves and

our small ideas of  self-centered grandeur.


She, pumpkin  butt labeled such by her senior high-school student intelligentsia.

 Youth that they were they missed all she had set aside to inspire them.


She full of words and love of the ineffable;

that elusive stuff and life and art

that we so easily miss.


Pumpkin Butt did not and for that

I am proud to be her son,

for she showed me

how to grasp for that elusive stuff of life and art;

the ineffable.



(Pumpkin Butt Laughs full of joy; Barbara Jean Blecher Parry, second row left in image above)



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