A Separate Place

08 213


There exists a separate place, a separate reality.


In the heat of the desert,

Under the scorch of the sun,

Exists a place of peace.


This place is built as the foundations of the earth.

With the gifts of the mother and the blessings of time.

It stands to greet the wind, It stands a place for man;

A separate place.


For within its walls there is shelter that does not constrict him.

Under its arms there are spaces that set him free to be as he wants to be.


It stands a place for him, a separate place.


For within it’s grasp the sun dances with the rocks, the wind sings with the water,

And man is at ease.


He is as he should be for this  place was built for him and by him, and it knows him well.

It knows his needs and his desire and address them as best it can.


How can one find this separate place, this separate reality?


That is not to say,

For it is a place of its own time, In its own way.


But one can find His own place,

In the heat of the desert and the scorch of the sun.


Listen to the wind and the rain, know the rocks, the earth, and the sun.



08 209


For Louise Kinter steward of “the Boomer House”  by Frank Lloyd Wright 1959.

Phoenix Arizona; 1984

Ms Kinter

Mrs. Charles Kinter V and Mark Parry Ca. 2006

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