Ode to Kevin J. McIntyre (12/27/60-1/2/18)

Kevin J McIntyre

Cherished are  memories of Kevin.

In our youth,


Growing in confidence and understanding,

Exploring, dreaming, establishing;conceiving our futures.

Discovering our boundaries,


We, seeing the world from our youthful eyes-


Growing into the men we were to become.


Becoming …


Glorious where the years that came before,

The glory that surely comes,



Kevin & John McIntyre


Mark Severied Kevin, Mark P., Bill littler

Kevin J copy.jpg.

Links for Kevin’s work as;

Chairmen; Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 

Partner; Jones Day Law Firm

FERC Policy maker of the year:

Kevin’s Wkiki

Washington Post Obituary

(Above Images: YCHS 1977- Kevin McIntyre, Mark Severied & Mark Parry , Bill Littler)

One thought on “Ode to Kevin J. McIntyre (12/27/60-1/2/18)

  1. Sorry for your loss. But good you had the opportunity to make glad friends, cherished memories and future glories.

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