An Architecture for life #3

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An Architecture for life #3


I have been enjoying the words and thoughts of Jordan Peterson ” the most influential intellectual in Western Civilization now”.  He has an architecture for life and explains it in his book “12 Rules for Life”.   It is sub-titled “an antidote to Chaos”.

Architecture as a discipline of design or thought, is totally about ordering principles.  The principled approach to your life will bring order that is an antidote to chaos, confusion and dissipation.

The establishment of your personal philosophy and theology are cornerstones of the Architecture for your life. Make them solid, strong and true; The meaning, value and results of your life depend on them.

Peterson is offering his building blocks and they are solid and I think reliable; I am offering some of mine as these posts evolve.

Numbers where provided in my post An Architecture for Life #2. I spent many years  studying considering and choosing what I believed was absolutely true, how things work and who God is. Aristotle said “An un-examined life is not worth living”.

Jorden Peterson seems not yet sure if god is a construct of the minds of men, (a much needed one, he might add). I have made a different decision. God is very real to me.

You can make up your own mind, that is the glory of being human, and the greatest risk.

What I believe can be reviewed here.


Have you defined your philosophy clearly?

What really works?

What is your theology?

What is absolutely true?

Is there a god, and what is that god like?


(image by Mark Parry: The John & Mable Ringling Mansion; Seristoa Florida)
edited 19.04.29

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