Circling two

ceirclieng 3
Circle Images by Andy Goldsworthy


Circling oneself,

Seeking fulfillment on ones own terms.

Circling, circling, circling; seeking;




 Turn to me and you will see differently; says He!

He,who is the beginning and the end.

The creator speaks to those who circle supreme truth.


Circling but not accepting?

He is truth!

He is the center,

Not we ourselves,


We find irrelevancy defining, determining for ourselves, circling about on our own terms. Circling our idea’s, our feelings, our opinions- ourselves. 


While He waits outside to fill our empty with reality.

Suggesting quietly we become;



All Circle Images by Andy Goldworthy. Stream  wm. mark parry © 4.22.2017
re-post 20.01.28

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