Now it is…

Out of Achor…


Now it is April Fools Day.

I have been a fool, up until now!

A fool chasing the dreams of others, my dreams, others dreams about me,

Others dreams about the world and how it is, or how it should be,

I chasing; dreams rather than being in reality as it is.

I have been a fool, up until now!

Now  life for me is about being genuine,

Being here now, while yet knowing eternity is;

Here now!

He came, He walked among us,

He showed the way to be real!

Now it’s up to you and me.

Now it is time.


∂ Ω∂ Ω∂ Ω∂ Ω∂ Ω∂ Ω∂ Ω∂ Ω∂ Ω∂ Ω


This season we are in, seems for me to be about RE-posturing 

RE-posturing my stance before God, as His creation; A unique expression of HIS.

Re-posturing my self before Yehovah will posture me appropriately before mankind.

So I may be in His way, not my own. So be it Amain.

© Wm. Mark Parry 4/1/2020

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