For the King and the Kingdom


Personal notes from within the crucible…..

So far for me this unique season is about “Re-posturing” before the Creator of  my life, and therefore mankind.

I have had to be a real warrior from my earliest youth to get through the level of  intense opposition to real life and growing in truth. That opposition within me and about me, yet it seems that season is passing away.

Somehow, resting and trusting  that all is as it should be is the new paradigm. Letting go of my hopes, aspirations and expectations (regarding how things should show up) no matter how noble and generous is not easy.

I have up until now been willing and able to “lay down my life for my friends” believing there was “no greater love than this” (John 15:13).

But perhaps I have been immature, un-discerning- in accurate, regarding exactly what that really means from Yehovah’s perspective.

So now I move in faith and trust accepting the limitations of time and reality in my actions and relationships.

Knowing that “in the world to come” all things are possible,  here now we have limits. I trust Yehovah to be the definer of those, not myself or my adversary or this worlds systems.

It is for the King and  His Kingdom that I live and move and in Him alone do I have my being (Acts 17:28)….


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