The mystery of “I”


I am; said he to Moses,

I wonder who am I?

Yet in my wondering I miss who He is.

I am, He is; a mystery.

When we forget ourselves we can see and know,

See and know who He is.

He is;  I am;

A mystery.

In knowing who I am,  I can see who He is.

I am said He to Moses.

In knowing I am, I know who I am.

A mystery.


© 20.04.27 wm. mark parry



On reflection.

When in college I a had a meeting with another young man for a class assignment. We had no real knowledge of each-other we never spoke again.  While pontificating about something, as is my way he said.

“My father told me those who speak in circles are not lost.”;

Wise advice, worth considering when confounded by the  understanding of others.

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