His time, His glory

Clock copy

If it is His time, it will be His glory

Our time is but shadows of doubt and a haste to waste.

His glory, His time, His way will out no matter what we think or say.

We try to hard, we look awry, our sight is blindness yet we believe otherwise.

If it is His time, it will be for His glory not ours!

Marching on to meet the dawn without a song or a gracious word we fall victims of our indiscretions and our expectations.

We push, we prod, we pull we force, we make our will our only course. We loose ourselves along this way, we enter night instead of day. 

Oh that we would become younger than we are, able once again to trust in His time to see His glory be.

If it is His time, it will be to His glory and it will set us free!

Glory manifest is His life in us; glory revealed in our days through His timing in all our way’s. That is it, the way, the truth, the life. So be it.


© 150730 wm. mark parry; Edited (added 4th & 6th lines & last 2 lines)200623

Note: This appears to be the very first fresh WorksofWords.live Post Must have been His time not mine(wmp 200623)……




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