For the Mighty Men of God

If you have not noticed, masculinity- a man’s strength- is under assault in today’s culture.

Being real and honest with other strong and successful men can be hard, but it’s very, very, good.

Our spiritual adversary, the accuser, wants us isolated and feeling diminished or insecure about our strengths.  He generally does this by accusing us regarding our weakness, through words of others or what we perceive as our own thoughts- thus getting us in a defensive posture. This further weakens us in our or other’s minds.  Self defense, justification, inappropriate aggression- even explaining yourself can be unstable crutch’s to spiritual men.

“It is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit say’s the Lord” Zechariah 4:6

We can gain courage and confidence from other over-comers who know both their strength and their weaknesses. We are all in various stages of growth in integrity and character: if growth is our objective!

You are a might man of God, and the humbling truth is it takes one to know one.  As the old hymn say’s:

“You have given me marvelous comrades, the faithful ones who dwell in your land.” (from Psalm 119).

You are not alone Might Man of God. You are respected for who you are and what you have accomplished. But it’s also not about you, rather it’s for “The King and the Kingdom”.

Go forth confidently and plunder for the Kingdom of God!. For it is yours as you are his. His are the Heavens and it is for us to re-claim his creation , our earth; for we where given it as his sons and stewards. (Gen 1:28)

We are the bridge between the heavens and the earth and we must hold strong that bridge. For The King and the Kingdom are at hand! Our earth is also occupied by the adversary of life and truth; The Accuser (the Lie’r & Thief)- and he does not want to give it up…


“The creation waits in eager expectation for the revelation of the sons of God.” Romans 8:19

 “Violent men take the kingdom… by force”. Mathew 11:12 

“For the eyes of the Lord move about on all the earth,

to strengthen the heart that is completely toward Him…” 2 Chronicles 16:9

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Integrity is the courage to meet the demands of reality

Mighty men of Valor…

Is your boat sinking?

2 thoughts on “For the Mighty Men of God

  1. My brother you are absolutely right! The Lord needs Men of Integrity starting with doing what’s right in our own homes and neighborhoods and churches and then moving into the world of business and civics. To do that we need to support one another encourage one another as you are doing. Proud to be connected joint by joint bone by bone in the body of Christ.

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