From the Shadows of Sinai

I live now under the shadow of Mount Shasta. I moved here from the shadow of Mount Sonoma. It was a long hard shadow for me, hard but good. It is fading. For I have been to Mount Sinai and camped before it’s shadow. It’s shadow is across all lands, all minds and all hearts.

No matter how, no matter what, its shadow remains. The Teachings, the Laws, the relationship with the Creator God who formed the mountain, that match stick, remain. He struck it with his presence and it and his people remain. His people called out of the shadows of Egypt. His people called into a covenant and a conversation.

It is good to consider these things. It is better to consider them than many, many other things. These things are wonderful and sobering and worthy of praise.

Life itself is found in these considerations, considering the shadows of mountains and the light of their creator. This is the conversation started at Sinai, the conversation about the shadows of mountains in our lives and the source of the light that leads us out from under them.

In shadows and light our true life is found.

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