The Veneer is Gone.

The Veneer has rubbed off our culture,

Exposed are our hearts, our hate, our self-serving ideologies.

Where has compassion gone, where has understanding gone?


When we think we are god’s we judge harshly and hate what we do not understand.

We are wrong. We are powerless to so much, but won’t admit it.

We are in need of love, love of understanding others.

We are in need of the power too love,

True love.

We are in need of understanding the mystery,

The mystery of not being enough.

We are not enough, but God is.

God is waiting,

Waiting for us to be ready.

Ready to receive,

A new heart

A heart to understand,

We are not enough.

© wmp 8.17.2017-1st Posted: 8.17.2017 Re-posted 23.03.21

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