Veneer Stripping


The Puritans believed & trusted- through and through,

“We” started with them, not perfectly, thoroughly.

We have been left with veneer.

Many and long are the shadows since them.

Veneer stripping is our work today.

Stripping away the veneer of good,

The veneer of righteousness,

The veneer of godliness,

We call it tolerance, stripping away what was left.

We have removed “we” from our dialogues.

We have removed justice from our courts.

We have removed faith from our temples.

We have removed god from our culture.

We do not trust God to be within neighbors…

We are not enough in ourselves.

We are not enough.

We need truth in the inner most.

We need grace in the inner most.

We need love in the inner most.

God waits to fill our emptiness,


God as he truly IS, not as we think him to be;

Is what “we” are missing.

© 8.16.2017 w.m.p. (edits,170816:170817:170718;200519;(God within 22.2.23);Re-posted23.3.21

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