Being Alive


Being again, at last.

Being in true life – Thy will be done.

That is life, true life, being in the flow, being in Your time!

That flow of life that is peace, presence and purpose.  You give what is outside of me, outside of us, outside of this broken world system.  It is Your life we lack; Your spirit is our need.


Yet you ever remain waiting, ever available for we who turn.  We who turn from ourselves to face the Almighty.  We who turn to the light of your Word, that is life. Torah is light and life.  Your way alone leads to life.

Almighty One, the Beginning And The End, the Ancient of Days, the One who truly is reality.

We ourselves are not the answer unless we have our being in You, for You are, and in You is all that is true and real.

We are being when we have our being in Your presence. Then we are alive.

Being at last again;

Gratefully yours.

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