Workable Truth’s

Following is a compilation of things that work as they align with the reality of our being within the creation. A treasure trove of TRUTH’s. I have been collecting occasionally composing proverbs, and adopted a definition provide by Dr. Wayne Gwilliam- “Workable Truth” . He was a wield, mighty man of God who blew into our town and blew out leaving quiet a treasure trove of stories and TRUTH behind him.

That was about 1995 I have collected more since then. Yesterday Pastor Art Cunue suggested I had better write them down “soon”. Being an obedient sort here we go. I would love your comments and additions in the comments pages that follow, this might become a treasure trove unto itself. Any thing that is really true becomes or is part of common knowledge or understanding eventually. They are revealed in various ways by many. If they are true. “Nothing befalls us that is not common man”. We are not actually particularly special any one of us. But we can help others if we are paying attention and passing along what we learn.

I would preference further this collection with the wise words of one of my most profound and beloved teachers. Art Katz (1929-2007)

Paul Volk co-authored with Art a profound and compelling work “The Spirit of Truth”. It has been foundational to my life and work. In it Paul suggests “Men seek truths, God seeks to make men true.The difference is vast and the men produced by each pursuit vastly different. I suggest as Yeshua did. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”.( Math. 6:33)

I’ll start with the effective gauges for a human life, to help you fly right,straight and true. These took the last 24 years to collect and refine. each came through a troubling season. They require a little comment to help you calibrate for yourself..

  1. Your Attitude will determine your Altitude. Just like on a real plane. If your loosing altitude for whatever reason, with a positive attitude you can land the plan even in the worse of troubles. When fuel or weather conditions determine you can take off again. With a negative attitude you might crash the plane and barring a miracle never get of the ground again.
  2. Gratitude provides Latitude. If you are grateful for the circumstances of your flight, weather conditions, or terrain you can more effectively navigate about them. If a new unfamiliar mountain looms before you and you get fearful, judgmental, proud or overly confident rather than curious, careful and grateful for this new opportunity to learn you might miss the only way through, over, or around . When we are not grateful for the opportunities no mater how mysterious to learn they become more dangerous.
  3. Generosity provides Velocity. The spiritual realms we actually live in unlike the natural realms we temporarily exist in run differently .The prophet Isiah wrote in the Holy Scriptures of Israel, Thus speaking for our Creator, the author of being itself…“My way’s are not your way,s as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my way’s higher than your way’s.” ( Our creator suggests you will get more by giving-then taking. That generosity will fill your tank faster than spending, making or taking from others.

Following are my personal collection of proverbs to be added as I have time, discover or recollect them. Please provide your own workable truths, created, confirmed or discovered along your path in the comment window bellow this post.

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of this present world system are simultaneous co-existing but mutually exclusive.

God is sovereignty is orchestrating the seemingly random events of our lives.

Nothing befalls us (comes into our lives) that is not common to man. We all suffer likewise...(A derivation of 1 Corinthians 10:13)

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